The Wise Leader

Dr Paul Lawrence and Dr Suzi Skinner are currently in the process of writing their new book, The Wise Leader, to be published by Routledge in 2023. Our aim is to marry insights from the world of wisdom, many of which feel quite intangible, with insights from the world of psychology and leadership, to create a practical perspective as to how we can become wiser in our leadership. We are writing the book for leaders, inviting you to consider how you can access the wisest parts of your selves. We are also writing the book for people who design leadership programs, inviting you to consider how you can make wisdom more accessible to others and create paths to wisdom that people understand and put into practice. The book distils fundamentals of wisdom and leadership psychology into five mantras, five principles for wise leadership. Each mantra is brought to life through a short theoretical description, stories and vignettes, and practical guidance as to how we can all become wiser.

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