Teaming Excellence

Purpose & principles

Through their participation in the Teaming Excellence program your leaders will have develop entirely new understandings of the way teams function and how to help their teams to become more effective. These new understandings will translate into a general lift in performance across your organisation.

This is an ongoing program into which leaders can pick and choose what aspects of team effectiveness they wish to understand better and become better leaders. The program comprises 15 modules of which leaders can choose to undertake as few or as many as feel relevant. Each time we run a module we run it with a small group. Some of those people are team leaders and some are team members. In today’s complex world people are forever moving in and out of teams, and for teams to be successful – everyone on the team must understand how teams best operate.

We can run open programs for people at the meta-team level, enhancing the capacity of your organisation as a whole to work in groups. Or we can customise our content to create more structured programs for intact teams.


Underpinning the journey is the 4Ps framework through which participants are invited to define their principles for good teaming, their purpose for being a good teamer, and their practice (how they team) and their intended progress plan.

The program consists currently of 15 modules. Each module comprises pre- and post- reads, a half day workshop and a post workshop review six weeks later. Everyone must attend the Introduction module after which they are free to pick and choose which aspects of teaming they wish to enhance their abilities. Other modules include content on establishing purpose, building trust, managing conflict, team dynamics, team development, building teams, managing diversity, mental models, virtual teaming, systems and politics, multi-team membership etc …


By the end of the program participants will have a new understanding as to how highly effective teams operate, and how to intervene in helping their teams to become more impactful. The more people do the program, the more people are able to support each other in helping your organisation as a whole become more successful.

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