The Wise Leader


The traditional leadership narrative focuses on the leader’s capacity to get things done (task) and to ‘bring others on the journey’ (relationship/EI/ soft skills etc …). Both are important and neither are enough. In The Wise Leader we discuss the elusive third leg – wisdom. The wisdom literature is rich and insightful but rarely easy to translate into practice. In The Wise Leader we marry insights from the worlds of wisdom, leadership and psychology to present a practical guide for becoming wiser and more effective. The book distils fundamental of wisdom and leadership psychology into five mantras, five principles for wise leadership. Each mantra is brought to life through a short theoretical description, stories and vignettes, and practical guidance for leaders and program designers as to how we can help each other become wiser.

Programs & Outcomes

We offer cross-organisation programs for cohorts of six to eight leaders, and short/medium/long in-house programs. The sessions are always practical, and participants leave every session with a set of commitments to put into practice in between sessions. By the end of a Wise Leader program your leaders will be able to clearly articulate who they aspire to be as leaders and will have experimented with new behaviours, consistent with that philosophy. They will leave the program not only having learned some new ideas but having put into practice those ideas that resonate and received feedback on those behaviours. They will emerge newly confident and capable of leading change in your organisation and will have a new group of peers with whom they can look to for support in the long term.

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