Coaching Skills


We run a number of different coaching skills programs, tailored to your needs. We can run short programs followed by post workshop reviews. We can run Foundations programs, with sessions spaced out over three months, or our Deep Dive program which usually runs for nine to ten months.

The purpose of our shorter programs is to help people understand what coaching is, and to identify mindset shifts individuals may need to go through in order to become great coaches. By the end of our longer programs participants will feel already confident and capable to coach. They will have had lots of practice, lots of feedback and lots of opportunity to cement their own approach to coaching.

We run these programs virtually or face-to-face with small groups of leaders. We offer those leaders new frameworks and ideas and create the space for them to integrate those ideas as they see fit into their personal approaches to coaching. It takes time for people to translate new ideas into sustainable new ways of behaving and it requires the support of others going through the same journey.

Our program is tailored to the new Association for Coaching (AC) leader-coach accreditation scheme and we are happy to hold people’s hands through that process, if they would like to go on and become accredited. Those who attend all the sessions will also receive an AC Certificate of Attendance.

Program & Outcomes

Underpinning the journey is the 4Ps framework through which leaders are invited to define their principles, their purpose for coaching, their practice (how they operate) and their intended progress plan.

Over the 10 months we share new models around listening, talking straight, and various frameworks for navigating a coaching conversation (e.g. GROW, CLEAR, Five Questions etc …). We introduce new ideas and frameworks through customised pre- and post- reads, leaving workshop time for practice, feedback and reflection. The sessions are always practical, and participants leave every session with a set of commitments to put into practice in between sessions.

By the end of the Deep Dive program participants are able to clearly articulate who they are as coaches and have experimented with new behaviours, consistent with that philosophy. They leave the program not only having learned some new ideas but having put into practice those ideas. They emerge newly confident and capable of coaching and have a new group of peers with whom they can look to for support in the long term.

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