Our Services

These are our three core offerings that we can tailor to your needs as required. We also offer coaching services and coach supervision.

The Wise Leader

By the end of a Wise Leader program your leaders will have transformed the way they view leadership and will emerge newly confident and capable of leading successfully through change and complexity. The content of our programs is based on the book The Wise Leader.

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Teaming Excellence

Our teaming programs all source the Team Leader Instruction Manual designed to be used by leaders, supported by HR professionals in your business, or by us. Our programs enable your leaders to develop entirely new understandings of the way teams function and to help their teams to become more effective. By scaling our affordable programs across your business you can facilitate a lift in performance across the organisation.

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Coaching Skills

We have been running our coaching skills programs for more than ten years. Our programs are systemic and evidence-based, designed to help you transform the behaviours of all your leaders. We offer short programs, Foundations programs run over three months, or our Deep Dive program which usually runs for nine to ten months.

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